What is MVP – how to test an app idea?

Verification of mobile and web application idea – Minimum Viable Product

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What is an application MVP?

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. And what exactly does this mean? By definition, it is the first version of a project, product, application or program that is ready to be launched on the market. Such a version of our product focuses on its main features and all details are left out at this stage – this is what distinguishes MVP from a finished project. With an MVP, you can release the project to the market and explore customer interest with it. Such a solution sometimes saves a lot of time and money, in case it turns out that the project has not been accepted on the market, or part of the functionality of a complex project is unnecessary. When the MVP project has been positively accepted by customers it is a great base for expansion and can be enriched and improved.

Is the Minimum Viable Product a Demo?

MVP is something like a BETA version of the project, and thus is at a further stage than Demo. It should be mentioned, of course, that despite its limited functionality, it is already a fully working high-quality project. In the case of releasing a project that is not polished and full of bugs, the end user could become discouraged with our idea.

Business idea vs. app MVP – Why is it worth it?

Nowadays, many different ideas are being implemented every day and many companies are opening. In the beginning, it’s a good idea to validate your idea by introducing a project with basic functionalities. For example, it could be a mobile application that is made available to people in the MVP phase, and in the meantime it can be expanded with additional functionality, or modified in terms of existing functionality.

It is known that every entrepreneur wants to get information about his product saving as much money as possible. With a product with minimal functionality, you will be able to investigate whether the idea you have will appeal to potential customers or, in the case of a project for a specific company, whether the project meets the benefit it was intended to bring to the company.

How do you actually verify an idea?

There are many ways to validate an idea. You can release a version of the design and, based on the feedback collected from end users, adjust it on an ongoing basis. In case you want to test, for example, two different versions of the project, you can create two MVP prototypes and thus perform A/B testing. This will allow us to determine which version of the application fits the market better and which version is worth developing further.

As a proven team, we help realize mobile applications and web MVPs. As mentioned earlier, often quick changes are required when creating a project. It is worth entrusting the implementation of this type of project to specialists.

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