Rezult is a mobile and web application designed for personal trainers and their clients. Available in both Polish and English, it serves as a platform to facilitate communication, training, and dietary management through a mobile and web application.

Why we collaborated:

The complexity of the application presented numerous challenges. Rezult is a kind of bulletin board for personal trainers, combined with a comprehensive training panel, which allows for easy and efficient information sharing with clients. As an innovative solution in the world of fitness apps, we carefully developed each feature and enhancement, utilizing our previous experience in this field to offer interesting solutions.

An app that exercises with you:

Rezult is more than just a list of diets and workouts. It allows users to activate pre-planned training programs, perform exercises, mark completed sets, and measure time using a stopwatch. We also provided an intuitive training option for spontaneous gym visits without a prior plan.

Solutions implemented in Rezult:

  • Ability to create individual training and dietary plans for clients.
  • Creating plan templates for later use, to facilitate the trainer’s work.
  • Huge databases of exercises and meals to choose from.
  • Adding and personalizing habits, such as meditation or cold showers.
  • Integration with a pedometer via the phone’s internal API.
  • Training history model and report creation from measurements and questions for the trainer.
  • Porównywanie postępów poprzez zestawienie dwóch dowolnych raportów.
  • Comparing progress by collating any two reports.
  • Short instructional gifs illustrating the correct technique for performing exercises.
  • Option to create meal plans for an entire month.
  • Scheduler with the ability to set tasks for a specific day.
  • Integration with the Stripe online payment system.
  • Separate financial model for trainers, allowing them to record clients’ commitments for specific services.
  • Statistics for each user, such as completed workouts and financial goals.

What are we most proud of?

One of the biggest challenges in the app was separating the use of the app by a user without a trainer from one who is already collaborating with a trainer. In the app, the priority is the tasks and requirements set by the trainer, which means that if a trainer sets a certain number of calories in a client’s diet or creates a training plan, the user cannot change these values according to their preferences. In this case, we had to consider many variables to ensure that implementing this improvement did not block the user from using the app on their own and avoided many errors that could occur after disconnecting accounts.

Due to the complexity of the application, we also added a tutorial to introduce new users to the most important features. The app would not be complete without a communicator – we created a chat that allows for sending voice messages, sharing photos, or transferring files. In the diet panel, we applied two selection options: classic diets, which can be assigned to individual days, and an instant meal option for adding meals every day with separate caloric values.

The meal addition panel is improved with the ability to configure macronutrients in percentages or grams. You can also add products from outside the available database, which will be accessible to all users only after approval by the administrator. When adding workouts, we enabled the creation of exercises combined in supersets and a progression addition feature. Optionally, you can add the tempo of repetitions or breaks between sets.


Rezult is an advanced fitness app that changes the way personal trainers and their clients collaborate. With its rich features, it makes planning and monitoring workouts, managing diets, and enabling quick and convenient communication easier. We are proud of what we have achieved by creating such an integrated and functional solution. Rezult is an excellent example of how technology can streamline and transform the world of fitness, supporting both trainers and clients in achieving their goals. Through continuous development and enhancement of the application, we aim to provide an increasingly comprehensive and user-friendly experience, ultimately contributing to the success and satisfaction of personal trainers and their clients alike. By focusing on the needs of both parties, Rezult has the potential to revolutionize the fitness industry, setting new standards for collaboration and progress tracking in the digital age.


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