Application for the National Museum in Szczecin

Mobile Revolution at the National Museum in Szczecin


The task we set for ourselves was to change the way visitors experience the museum. We wanted to create an app that would make exploring more engaging, accessible, and friendly for everyone. Our goal was to understand the needs of cultural institutions and develop innovative technological solutions to meet those expectations.

Discover exhibits with ease

Discover exhibits with ease – Thanks to the use of beacons, our app shows visitors where the fascinating exhibits are located. Now discovering art becomes a true adventure! The use of locators allows for automatically displaying information about a given exhibit when the user is nearby.

Listen about masterpieces

Listen to stories about masterpieces – The app automatically plays audio tracks telling the stories of the exhibits. In this way, everyone can experience the museum in their own way, regardless of their needs. This feature especially facilitates visiting for people with disabilities.

Stunning presentation

Stunning presentation – Optimization of text formatting and images makes the app pleasant to the eye while remaining functional on every device. Carefully optimized content ensures that using the app is comfortable for every user.

Lessons we learned:

  • Collaboration with cultural institutions: We got to know the specifics of working with museums and understood their expectations and needs. We learned how to adapt our solutions to meet these requirements and contribute to the success of our client.
  • Adapting technology to different user groups: The project allowed us to understand how important it is to create apps that are accessible and useful for different user groups, including people with disabilities.
  • Speed and flexibility in app development: Thanks to the use of technologies like Flutter and Strapi, we were able to create the app quickly and efficiently while maintaining high quality and flexibility in content management.

Our favorite technologies:

We used Flutter to create a responsive and efficient app for iOS and Android platforms. The result? An app that looks great on every device! Flutter allowed us to quickly and effectively develop the app while maintaining high quality and consistency across different platforms.

Strapi enabled us to create an intuitive admin panel that allows for easy content management within the app. Thanks to this, the museum can add new exhibits and update information in the blink of an eye! The admin panel provides the ability to edit content, add graphics, audio tracks, and manage the order of displaying photos and exhibits.

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