HRnest QR Terminal

HRnest QR Terminal is a mobile application for Android and iOS platforms, developed for our client, HRnest sp. z o.o. The mobile applications serve as a complement to the entire SaaS system for HR management in companies. The primary goal of HRnest QR Terminal is to register employees’ working hours through intelligent facial recognition.


About the HRnest QR Terminal

The application is an extension of the HRnest system. With the QR Terminal app, every smartphone can function as a time tracking device. Employees are recognized based on a previously generated QR code. The app also detects whether a human face is visible in the submitted photo. Once the photo is approved, it is sent for verification.


Key features of the HRnest QR Terminal:

QR code scanning – The apps enable scanning QR codes assigned to each employee.
Communication with the HRnest online system – The apps are integrated with the HRnest system’s API.
Photo sending in the app – The app allows sending photos. If required by the employer, the app can capture employees’ photos and recognize faces.
Different language versions of the application – users can freely change the language in the HRnest application.

Technical details:

The Android mobile app is natively written in Kotlin programming language.
The iOS mobile app is natively written in Swift programming language.
– Both apps communicate with the HRnest system’s REST API.
– The architecture of both applications is designed to facilitate future expansions seamlessly.



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