How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

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App Creation Cost

Mobile app pricing

How much does it cost to create an app – this is a question that everyone who has ever come up with the idea of making an app asks. Since you’re on our site and reading this, you’re probably interested in it too, and we’ll bring you closer to the answer to this question. We’ll add more – we’ll tell you what factors affect how much an app costs and what makes the pricing of a mobile app can vary depending on many variables.

Before we go any further and tell you about mobile app pricing, you need to know that we do app development and maintain some of the most profitable apps out there.

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Why invest in a mobile app?

Mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms are very popular these days. It is likely that even older people with smartphones have used any app, not to mention the younger generation. Mobile apps are also widely used in many businesses, both as an app for customers and for internal company needs (for example, an app to support company business processes). Many people or companies looking to develop an app wonder what the cost is and how the pricing of a mobile app works.

In this text we would like to touch on the cost of mobile app development. In the mobile application market, applications are developed for two platforms – Android and iOS. How is the pricing of a mobile application for each of these platforms done? What criteria affect the final price of the project? These questions will be answered in the following article.

Unfortunately, at this stage it is impossible to give a precise answer to the question of how much a mobile application costs. It all depends on the functionality of the application and its purpose. The cost can range from several to tens of thousands of zlotys.

In general, the cost of developing a mobile application for the iOS or Android platform is strongly related to the scale of the project. If the application runs only locally on the user’s device it will be much cheaper than an application that uses an external database and a server application. In many cases, the server application (Back-End) is one of the largest costs in this type of project. The pricing of mobile applications also takes into account the use of such functionalities in the application as Google Maps, Payments or the use of the phone’s camera. It will be much cheaper to create a simple app to store a shopping list in the phone’s memory than to create an app like Uber or AirBnb.

Mobile application – what is it?

A mobile application is a program that was created to be used on any mobile device such as tablets or smartphones. Mobile applications owe their popularity to the convenience they offer their users and their speed. A mobile application runs faster than a web application adapted for display on mobile devices. Some of the best examples are e-banking apps, social media apps, or local classifieds apps.

Who will make a mobile app for me?

A mobile application can be made by companies engaged in professional mobile application development. How much it costs to create a mobile application is determined by its complexity, functionalities and the number of screens. Often you can meet an offer to make apps by freelancers, but often one person will not be able to make a well-functioning app. If you are interested in making an application – write to us! We will make a free quote and analysis of the design of a mobile application or web application!

Criteria affecting the valuation of a mobile application

Delving more into the topic of technical aspects of the application and what factors affect its complexity:

Number of application screens – it is a good idea to estimate the number of screens you will need for your application. A simple application contains 3 to 5 screens. This can be:

  • Registration screen.
  • Login screen.
  • Home screen of the application (e.g., book list).
  • Details screen (book information).

Which applications? If we want to save money initially on the project, we should try to choose screens that are actually necessary for the application to function. Then, of course, we can gradually expand the application, increasing its functionality.

Communication with the server/database – what is meant by this? If your application is to be a simple calculator, performing calculations, then you are unlikely to need communication with the server and database. On the other hand, if your application is to handle, for example, user logins or registrations then there is a need for the application to communicate with the server. A simple application, will use several requests to the server (about 2 to 4).

  • Login Request.
  • Registration Request.
  • A query that returns a list of books from a database.
  • A query that returns information about a particular book from the database.

Since communication with the server is also the creation of the brain, that is, the server part – this factor significantly affects the cost of creating a mobile application. Why? This is something that is created outside the mobile application. The mobile application will only ask our server for some data, but it is the server that has to pull it properly from the database, process it and send it back to our mobile application. It is also on its side to provide security against various kinds of hacker attacks. This is a kind of separate project on the server side and can also serve the web application we plan to create.

Additional services (location, camera support, Bluetooth, etc.) – any additional tools and capabilities of our phones also affect the pricing of the mobile application. This should also be taken into account and we should try to choose the really necessary tools for our project.

Is that all there is to it?

What was written above, unfortunately, is not all that affects the final price of the project. If a mobile application is created for customers then it must be eye-catching and as comfortable to use as possible. Creating graphics for the application and planning the user experience (UX) are additional criteria that help determine how much it costs to create a mobile application.

Why are we writing about it? We have met many times with clients who had really great ideas for mobile apps, but the price for translating their idea into a mobile app was beyond their financial means. Instead, they weren’t fully aware of what the price tag entailed, and often let go of projects that had a great chance of success if they realized that many things the project didn’t need at the beginning. That’s why dear customers – the Softroids team will help you determine the necessary elements for the first version of your project, saving your wallet in the process.

We will price your application!

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