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In the company bekuplast S.A., a significant portion of the workforce consists of production employees who do not work with computers daily and lack continuous access to company information. This app aims to streamline internal communication, boost motivation, and foster employee integration through quizzes, contests, and surveys.


Why did we start our cooperation?

The mobile app displays announcements added by employees managing the administrative panel. Each announcement can include photos and videos. Additionally, all users can add comments under each entry. To use the app, a user’s profile must first be approved by the app administration. Other entry types available in the app include surveys, quizzes, and contests. Selected options are visible in the administrative panel. To increase employee engagement, a PUSH notification mechanism was implemented to inform users about every new announcement in the app.

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Solution details

Experience the transformative power of our internal communication app that will unleash your team’s potential, spark their passion, and cultivate a thriving workplace culture like never before. Get ready to revolutionize the way your employees interact, engage, and grow together.

Results of the work – what our Client gained?

The result of our collaboration is a mobile app with an administrative panel accessible through an internet browser. The benefits of this app for our client include improved internal communication, accelerated information flow, increased employee engagement through PUSH notifications, and reduced paper usage by sharing information electronically.

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The app operates on a subscription model, and its primary objective was to create mobile applications intended for company employees. It was crucial for the app to be available on both leading mobile operating systems – Android and iOS. Additionally, an administrative panel was to be created for HR employees to publish company announcements. We recommended using Flutter technology, allowing us to create mobile apps for both operating systems with a single codebase. For the administrative panel, we employed Python/Django technology.


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